Women’s Studies of Bharathiar University is the most unconventional and a new entrant into the academia. The Centre for Women’s Studies of Bharathiar University was started in December 2004 and it was upgraded to Department of Women’s Studies in May 2008. It has been funded by the University Grants Commission. It aims to develop socio- economic empowerment of women of all categories in order to create a society of gender equality and social justice. Women’s studies is a scholarly enquiry into social reality from women's perspective and tries to find explanations and remedies for the unequal position of women in the society.

The discipline is unique in that it emerges from activism and experience and therefore underlines the connections between knowledge, experience and social transformation. Knowledge must initiate action at individual and collective levels.

Women's Studies is not to be misunderstood as some overarching critique of male perspectives. It is a discipline that seeks to assess and challenge the interlinked oppression in society viz. Class, Race, Caste and Gender. It seeks to re discover the experiences and knowledge of the marginalized sections in history and in contemporary societies. It seeks an understanding of the material and ideological structures of women's oppression. This requires an understanding of the social, cultural, historical, political and economic milieu. Thus, Women's Studies is by definition interdisciplinary.

The Department of Women’s Studies aims:

  • To ensure participation of women in integrated development process with greater awareness of their roles, rights and potential and
  • To incorporate new perspective, framework and tools of analysis in order to develop a critical and balanced understanding of women’s position in society.
  • To promote research that will generate knowledge on women’s status, gender discrimination and empowerment.
  • To enhance the status of women through entrepreneurship and productive employment
  • To reach out to rural women to enhance their status through productive employment.



As per the U.G.C. guidelines the activities of the department revolve around the following

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Training
  • Extension


The Department offers M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D in Women’s Studies. It also offers two supportive courses such as Introducing Gender Studies and Great Women of the World for students of other departments under CBCS followed in our University.
            In continuation with the judgement of Honorable High Court, the Department of Women’s Studies has framed syllabus for the non major elective course “Women’s Rights” for under graduate students of Bharathiar University.

Department Research Project

  • "A Study on Problems of Migrant Women of Semi-Urban location of Coimbatore District” was completed by the Department of Women’s Studies, Bharathiar University, in the year 2014.
  • ICSSR Research Project on “A Study of Women Scientists in Tamil Nadu” was  completed and the report was submitted to ICSSR, New Delhi in January 2013 by  Dr. M. Jeyarathnam.
  • UGC Major Research Project on “Empowerment of Women through Microfinance – A Study in Nilgiri District, TamilNadu” was submitted in April 2012 by Dr.M.Jeyarathnam

Field Action Project Reports

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

The Department of Women’s Studies worked (Field Action Project) on Sexual Harassment at Work Place at Bharathiar University in September 2010.

Gender Audit of Bharathiar University (2004-2009)

The Department of Women’s Studies conducted a research study on the Gender Audit of Bharathiar University (Field Action Project). The lower representation of women in decision making positions in the university on the one hand and the need to develop women faculty’s interest and capacity to move up to managerial positions is the main reason for undertaking this exercise of gender audit of our university for the period of 2004-2009.

Child Labour - Rehabilitation - Special Schools in Coimbatore

The Department of Women’s Studies conducted a research study on Child Labour Rehabilitation through Special Schools in collaboration with National Child Labour Project, Coimbatore in April 2011(Field Action Project). The study covered socio economic profile, profile of the child labour and their conditions and rehabilitation measures and the role of special schools.


Outreach Activities:


Title of the Confernce / Workshop / Seminar / Training Programmes



The Department of Women’s Studies, Bharathiar University, organized a “Health Awareness Program and Medical health Camp” in co-ordination with Rao Hospital

9th February 2015

National Seminar on “Women and Leadership”
3rd March 2014
Refresher Course on Human Rights
20th Aug to 9th Sep 2014
Training Programme on “Gender Sensitivity”
21st January 2014
One day workshop on friends of police organized by
In-Service Training Centre in collaboration with Department of Women’s Studies
27th to 30th January 2014
The Department of Women’s Studies , Bharathiar University and Rao hospital jointly organized Free Medical Camp at Nanjanadu village , Ooty
22nd February 2014
The Department of Women’s Studies, Bharathiar University, conducted one day workshop on “Impact of Indian Social Values towards women education, Independence and empowerment”
8th October 2014
The Department of Women’s Studies, Bharathiar University in association with Regional Association for Women’s Studies (RAWS) jointly organised a one day UGC National Workshop in “Status of Women’s Studies in India”
22 November 2014
Refresher Course in Women’s Studies
28th November to
18th December 2012
Awareness Programme on Child Rights
18th October 2012
Seminar on Gender Sensitization for Police Personnel
26th to 28th February 2013
Seminar on Violence against Women
6th March 2013
The Department of Women’s Studies in association with Integrated Child Development Scheme Government of Tamil Nadu conducted an awareness program on “Nutrition and Health for Adolescent Girls”
18th  to  21st February 2013  and 4th March 2013
Life Skill Programme Stress Management
21st May 2013
Personality Development
25th May 2013
Orientation programme on “Employment Opportunities for the PG Students of Women’s Studies”
23rd July 2013
Orientation Programme on Women and Law
25th August 2011
Refresher Course in Women’s Studies
Nov 9th  to Nov 29th  2011
Computer Literacy Training
2nd May to 8th June 2012
Coaching class on SPSS Package (SC,ST and Minority community)
1st to 30th March 2012
Outreach Activities - Discussion Programme on “Educating Girls”
23rd September 2011
Seminar on Environment Protection
28th October 2011
Seminar on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence - Act 2005
20th March 2012
Workshop on Self Empowerment
19th August 2010
Seminar on Diabetes Mellitus & Thyroid Storm
7th January 2011
A Conference on “Women Entrepreneurship in Tamilnadu – Opportunities and Challenges”
4th March 2011
Refresher Course on Women’s Studies
9th February to 1st March 2011
The Department of Women’s Studies organized two day Awareness Programme on “Gender Perspective in Development Process” in association with Don Bosco Community College, Kothagiri
17th and 18th June 2008
An awareness programme on Child Rights, Women and Health was organized in association with Tamilnadu Mahalir Thittam at Udhagai Social Service Centre, Ooty
24th and 25th June 2008
An awareness programme on Gender Sensitization and Child Rights in association with R.D.O Trust, Coonoor was conducted
1st and 2nd July 2008
Seminar on Personality Development
14th July 2008
awareness programme on Marriage Registration Act organized in association with N.S.S.
25th July 2008
An awareness programme on Nutrition for Women
27th August 2008
Workshop on Enhancing Mental Health for Women
19th  August 2008
An awareness Programme on Legal Rights for Women
20th August, 2008
The Department of Women’s Studies in association with N.S.S of Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for Women, conducted a programme on Environmental Pollution at Sundapalayam village
23rd August 2008
Seminar on Elimination of Suppression of Women
22nd September 2008
Awareness about the entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture
4th & 11th December 2008



The Department has networked with other Department of Women’s Studies at Regional, National and International level. The Department of Women’s Studies have good rapport with Government Ministries, NGO’s, Funding Agencies and Welfare Boards.


Contact Address:

Dr.Zenetta Rosaline,
Professor / Director,
Department of Women’s Studies,
Bharathiar University,
Coimbatore 641 046
Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: (91) - 422- 2428338.