Women’s Studies of Bharathiar University is the most unconventional and a new entrant into the academia. The Centre for Women’s Studies of Bharathiar University was started in December 2004 and it was upgraded to Department of Women’s Studies in May 2008. It has been funded by the University Grants Commission. It aims to develop socio- economic empowerment of women of all categories in order to create a society of gender equality and social justice. Women’s studies is a scholarly enquiry into social reality from women's perspective and tries to find explanations and remedies for the unequal position of women in the society.

The discipline is unique in that it emerges from activism and experience and therefore underlines the connections between knowledge, experience and social transformation. Knowledge must initiate action at individual and collective levels.

Women's Studies is not to be misunderstood as some overarching critique of male perspectives. It is a discipline that seeks to assess and challenge the interlinked oppression in society viz. Class, Race, Caste and Gender. It seeks to re discover the experiences and knowledge of the marginalized sections in history and in contemporary societies. It seeks an understanding of the material and ideological structures of women's oppression. This requires an understanding of the social, cultural, historical, political and economic milieu. Thus, Women's Studies is by definition interdisciplinary.

The Department of Women’s Studies aims:

  • To ensure participation of women in integrated development process with greater awareness of their roles, rights and potential and
  • To incorporate new perspective, framework and tools of analysis in order to develop a critical and balanced understanding of women’s position in society.
  • To promote research that will generate knowledge on women’s status, gender discrimination and empowerment.
  • To enhance the status of women through entrepreneurship and productive employment
  • To reach out to rural women to enhance their status through productive employment.

Structure of the Department:

Teaching Staff:

Dr. Rupa Gunaseelan Head in Charge M Sc(App. Psy)., M.B.A., Ph.D
Dr. K. Mangayarkarasi Assistant Professor M.A(Psy), M.A(Women’s Studies), Ph.D
Dr. Kamalaveni Lecturer M.Sc, M.A(Women’s Studies)M.Phil, Ph.D

Project Staff:

S.Kausalya Research Associate
C.Ramya Research Associate

Non Teaching Staff:

D.Kalpana Research Assistant
S.Suganya Research Assistant
S.Suganya Professional Assistant
P.Vijayalakshmi Library Assistant
N. Janani Data Entry Operator
N.Vijayalakshmi Attendant


As per the U.G.C. guidelines the activities of the department revolve around the following

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Training
  • Extension


The Department offers M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D in Women’s Studies. It also offers two supportive courses such as Introducing Gender Studies and Great Women of the World for students of other departments under CBCS followed in our University.
            In continuation with the judgement of Honorable High Court, the Department of Women’s Studies has framed syllabus for the non major elective course “Women’s Rights” for under graduate students of Bharathiar University.

M.Phil (Full Time)
            Students enrolled in Women’s Studies under the guidance of Director Dr.M.Jeyarathnam (Retd) are as follows

  • Ms. S.Saraswathy has submitted her Synopsis for M.Phil(Full time) on “Attitude of Women towards Divorce – A Study in Pallakad”
  • Ms. P. Kavipriya, has registered for M.Phil (Full time)on “Problem and Prospects of Women Employees in Software   Industry – A Study in Coimbatore
  • Ms. R.Subha, has registered for M.Phil (Full time)on “Violence against Women – A Study in Coimbatore”

Students enrolled in Women’s Studies under the guidance of Director Dr.M.Jeyarathnam  (Retd) are as follows


  • Mrs. S. Kamalaveni, Lecturer Department of Women’s Studies has completed her Ph.D (Full time) on “Reproductive Health awareness among college girls of Bharathiar University affiliated colleges”.

On Going

  • Mrs.S.Kausalya, Research Associate, Department of Women’s Studies has submitted her Synopsis for Ph.D (Full time) on “Emotional Intelligence,  Adjustment and Job Performance of Women Nurses – A Study in Coimbatore City
  • Mrs.A.Karpagam, Nursing Superindent, PSG Hospital has registered for Ph.D (Part time) on “A Study on Effectiveness of Structured Teaching programme for nurses on HIV/AIDS in a selected hospital at Coimbatore”.
  • Ms.T. Uma Devi, Associate Professor, Sri Ramakrishna College of Nursing has registered for Ph.D (Part time)  on “A study to access the privilege of menstrual abnormality among adolescent in Coimbatore District”
  • Ms.R.Renuka, Professor, Sri Ramakrishna College of Nursing has registered for Ph.D (Part time) on “Fertility control behaviour among married women- A study in Coimbatore district”
  • Ms.K.Kanchana, Professor, Sri Ramakrishna College of Nursing has registered for Ph.D (Part time) on “A Study on health problems of the Elderly women in Coimbatore”
  • Ms.A.Suganthi, Professor/HOD, Sri Ramakrishna College of Nursing Hospital has registered for Ph.D (Part time) on National Nutritional Anemia Control Programme for Pregnant Mothers - A Study in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu.

Funded Project Completed:

  • Sensitizing youth for healthy future: Education for College peers to prevent HIV/AIDS, April 2006-March 2007.
  • UGC Major Research Project on “Empowerment of Women through Microfinance-A study in Nilgiris District, Tamilnadu” completed and the report was submitted to UGC in April 2012 by Dr.M.Jeyarathnam as Principal Investigator.
  • ICSSR Research Project on “A Study of Women Scientists in Tamil Nadu” completed and the report was submitted to ICSSR, New Delhi in January 2013 by  Dr. M. Jeyarathnam as Project Director

Field Action Project Reports

Gender Audit of Bharathiar University

The department conducted a research study on the Gender Audit of Bharathiar University. The lower representation of women in decision making positions in the university on the one hand and the need to develop women faculty’s interest and capacity to move up to managerial positions is the main reason for undertaking this exercise of gender audit of our university for the period of 2004-2009.

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

The Department worked on Sexual Harassment at Workplace at Bharathiar University in September 2010. I t received various suggestions from students and staff for making work environment better for women in general. The women students were educated about the Supreme Court Guidelines on Sexual harassment at Work Place.

A study on Child Labour – Rehabilitation Special Schools in Coimbatore

The Department of Women’s Studies conducted a research study on Child Labour Rehabilitation through Special Schools in collaboration with National Child Labour Project, Coimbatore in April 2011. The study covered socio economic profile, profile of the child labour and their conditions and rehabilitation measures and the role of special schools. The total respondents were 716 students from 21 special schools run by National Child Labour project across Coimbatore and Tirupur.

Women Entrepreneurship in Tamil Nadu – Opportunities and Challenges

A conference on “Women Entrepreneurship in Tamilnadu Opportunities and Challenges” was held on 4th March 2011. Entrepreneurship is recognized a major driver of economic development of a nation. The potential of small scale and micro enterprise in harnessing the talents and capabilities, energies of people and create a vibrant economy is increasingly being recognized in developing countries.

Funded Programme:

The department has organized an Awareness Programme on “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Agriculture” with a funding of 42, 500/- by National Research Development Corporation, New Delhi in 2009.

Refresher Course

The Department has successfully organized Three Refresher Course in association with Academic Staff College of Bharathiar University are as follows:

  • The Department coordinated a twenty one day Refresher Course on Women’s Studies from 9 Feb 2011 to 1 March 2011 was attended by 29 participants from colleges and Universities of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry Assam and Darjeeling. There are 12 men and 17 women participants to the refresher course. The participants were drawn from various disciplines such as Economics, Commerce, Sociology, English, Hindi, Tamil, Home Science, Political Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Library Science, Education, Special Education and Life Long Learning and Extension.
  • The Department coordinated a twenty one day day Refresher Course on Women Studies from 9 Nov 2011 to 29 Nov 2011. 35 teachers from Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry were participated.  There were 16 men and 19 woman teachers drawn from disciplines such as Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Commerce, Social Work, History,    Library science, Geology, English and French.
  • The Department of Women’s Studies coordinated a twenty one day Refresher Course on Women’s Studies from 28 Nov to 18 Dec 2012. It was attended by 17 participants from Colleges and Universities of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There were 4 men and 13 women participants drawn from a variety of disciplines such as Economics, Commerce, English, Tamil, Home Science, History, Malayalam, Textiles and Clothing and Physical Education.

Outreach Activities:

Program Name



Inauguration of Women’s Club

7th  February 2007

University Auditorium

Gender Sensitization Seminar to the College Teachers

12th July 2007

University Auditorium

Gender Sensitization Seminar to the University Students

13th July 2007

University Auditorium

Legal Provisions and Women Development Schemes

31st July 2007

Panchayat Union Middle School, Kollimalai

Child Rights campaign in Schools

1-10th August 2007

Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan

Sarvajana Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore

Cloth Merchant’s Association

Government girls Higher Secondary School

Government Higher Secondary School, Seeranaickenpalayam

G.R.G. Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Sri Avinashilingam girls Higher Secondary School

Maruthamalai Subramanya Devasthana Higher Secondary School

Chinmaya Vidhyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Suburban Higher Secondary School

 T.A Ramalingam Chettiar Higher Secondary School

Seminar on Countering Gender Violence

18th September 2007

University Auditorium, Bharathiar University

Gender Perspective in Development Process

17th  and 18th  June 2008,

Don Basco Community college, Kothagiri

Child Rights, Women and Health

2th  and 2nd  June 2008

Udhagai Social Service Centre, Ooty

Gender Sensitization and Child Rights

1th and 2nd  July 2008

RDO Trust, Coonoor

Personality Development Programme

14th  July 2008

Bharathiar University College of Arts and Science, Gudular

Marriage Registration Act

25th  July 2008

Sri. Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for women, Coimbatore

Nutrition for Women

27th  August 2008

Merchant Meeting Hall, Vadavalli

Enhancing Mental Health for Women

19th August 2008

Cherran College for Women, Tirupur

Empowerment of Women through Legal Rights

20th  August 2008

Sri.Ramakrishna College for Women, Coimbatore

Environmental Pollution

23rd August 2008

Sundapalayam village

Elimination of Suppression of Women

22nd September 2008

Thanthai Periyar Auditorium, Bharathiar University

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Agriculture

4th December 2008

Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

11th December 2008

Vellalar College for Women, Erode.

Awareness Programme on Women Entrepreneurship Development

21st January 2009

Providence College for Women, Coonoor

Women and Law

18th March 2009

Multipurpose Hall, Bharathiar University

Awareness programme on Wellness and Fitness:

24th February 2009

St.Joseph’s College for Women, Tirupur

04th March 2009

P.K.R. College for Women, Gobichettipalayam

Seminar on Women and Media

29th July 2009

Nachimuthu Seminar Hall, Bharathiar University

Seminar on Gender Sensitization for Police Personnel

26th February 2013 to       28th February 2013

In-Service Training Centre

Orientation Programme on Employment Opportunities for the PG students of MA Women Studies

23rd July 2013

Computer Lab, Department of Women’s Studies Bharathiar University

Advisory Committee:

Advisory Committee has been constituted following the procedure stipulated in XI plan guidelines.

Board of Studies:

The Board of Studies has been constituted, following the University procedure, to advise and monitor the academic matters of the Department.


The Department has networked with other Department of Women’s Studies at Regional, National and International level. The Department of Women’s Studies have good rapport with Government Ministries, NGO’s, Funding Agencies and Welfare Boards.


  • Computer literacy Training for SHG women has been going on since June 2008. Around 150 members have been trained in basic computer skills. There is an approved syllabus for computer literacy training.
  • Food Preservation training was organized on 16th December 2009 by the Department at RVS college. 15 SHG members from Nesam Mahalir Group of Ganespurram were the beneficiaries. They were learned about the preservation technology, its income generating potential and promotion of health. During the programme bulk preparation of Jam, Squash, Cookies and Cakes were demonstrated.

Village Adoption:

The Department of Women’s Studies adopted two villages in Vadavalli Panchayat namely Sikarayapuram and Maruthapuram on 15.06.2009 at Sikarayapuram Primary School, Vadavalli, 200 villagers were attended.

Bharathiar University donated one computer for each primary school in Sikarayapuram and Maruthapuram. The Department of Women’s Studies organized a one day free Medical Camp in collaboration with PSG Hospital at Maruthapuram primary school on 06.09.2009. 120 villagers were examined by the doctors. The women were examined for different types of cancer and reproductive health problems. Five patents were found to have symptoms of pelvic cancer and were referred to P.S.G Hospital for further treatment.


1 Women and Law (English and Tamil)
2 Countering Gender Violence-Seminar proceedings
3 Gender Sensitization and Child Rights
4 Personality Development for Students
5 Marriage Registration Act
6 Enhancing Mental Health for Women
7 Empowerment of Women through Legal Rights
8 Pennuramai- K. Veeramani (Tamil) Reprinted
9 Environmental Pollution
10 Nutrition for Women
11 Elimination of Suppression of Women-Seminar proceedings
12 Entrepreneurial opportunities in Agriculture
13 Wellness and Fitness for Women
14 Women and Law
15 Women and Media
16 Women and Cancer

Teaching Learning Material produced

  • Introducing Gender Studies
  • NGO Management
  • Globalization & Gender
  • Manual- Computer literacy programme
18 Employment Opportunities for the PG students of MA Women Studies
19 Child Rights
20 Women and Health

Future plan:

The following activities are planned for immediate future.

  • Research journal
  • Biography of successful women entrepreneurs
  • Life history of women scientists
  • Data Bank on women (district wise)
  • Periodical review of status of women

Contact Address:

Dr.Rupa Gunaseelan,
Department of Women’s Studies,
Bharathiar University,
Coimbatore 641 046
Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: (91) - 422- 2427623
Fax: 91 - 422 – 2422387