About Us

The Department of Nanoscience and Technology was established in the academic year 2007 – 2008 with the goal to bring down nanotechnology within the reach of society. Aim of this multidisciplinary Nanoscience and Technology program is to educate the student in both science and technology in the nanometer scale and to instill a deep understanding of this field that originates from the contributing disciplines. The necessary infrastructure facilities like building, teaching and research laboratories were developed by the funding of Tamilnadu Government and University resources.

Mission and Vision
The Department seeks to produce specific and technical manpower necessary for achieving the goal of trained Nanotechnologists. The vision of the Department is to an effective provider of knowledge and skills in multidisciplinary science with Nanotechnology that will empower the students through awareness of the significance of Nanoscience in environment, human health, medical, defence, energy and data storage etc. through a problem based and skill oriented curriculum.

Contact Address:

Prof. Dr D. Mangalaraj,
Professor and Head,
Department of Nanoscience and Technology,
Bharathiar University,
Coimbatore - 641 046,
Tamil Nadu. India.

Phone: +91 -422- 2428421

E-Mail: dmraj800@yahoo.com, mangalaraj@buc.edu.in